How are we against healers?

Was just curious. Just came back to the game a couple days ago and have always played ret since TBC when we were warriors with mana and had to bandage heal. Just figured I'd do the standard holy till I get gear and then switch to ret. Before I even go on any further I see a lot of conflicted posts about rets vs healers. Are we on par with other classes taking them down, or is it the still time your cc chug a long ?
It's kinda iffy.

For one, we don't have any way to apply the Mortal Strike debuff, which is pretty huge when trying to kill a healer. Our burst is also extremely obvious, you might as well have a huge neon sign with "I'M TRYING TO KILL YOU NOW" complete with a marching band to announce your burst, which makes it easy for healers to save their defensives.

If you hold onto your burst cds for when they're already on the low side, use rebuke effectivly, use stun at the right moment, and save Blinding Light for a well timed interupet, then it's totally doable.

Usually in twos though I send my partner to nip at the healers heels while I smash their DPS behind a pillar or something. All it takes is one well timed CC on the healer from your partner for you to HULK SMASH blow up their DPS and it's done. :)
It largely depends on the skill of the healer.

I have simply chewed up and spit out bad healers, while good healers I cannot get below 80% WITH cooldowns going.
I find if you keep on them they will eventually break form the pressure. If they are very skilled then your are better off swapping targets.
Figured it was still the same. Thanks for the replies.
Disc is basically your worst nightmare (it excels at dealing with the spiky damage that rets have)

Resto shamans, and ironically (to an extent) Holy Paladins will be easy to kill.
During CDs if you catch somebody in a stun you can drop them if you know what you're doing and they don't have much support/way out. Watched many resto druids die if caught in a HoJ without hots on themselves. Same thing with resto shamans.
If I'm doing 2's I usually start on the healer to see how well he plays. Some days you can get people off guard and kill the healer with full burst... others you're having 20 minute games because the healer just won't go down. Assuming you're running a Healer/DPS combo.

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