Hunters cheating on Hexos

Bug Report
It took me 3 weeks of hard practice/work to kill Hexos. After I killed him 2 hunters entered the instance. One of them queued for Hexos and just stood there and DPSd him down completely ignoring the patterns on the floor( see screenshots). He was showing the other hunter how to kill Hexos without having to actually spin around. Then when the other hunter said she didn't quite understand it he queued and did it all again! This is unfair, pls fix!
I believe this is triggered when the pet has aggro on the boss before the maze actually begins. The pet is transported to the middle of the maze and takes no damage while the hunter gets to stand outside and freely dps (also happens to locks, possibly other classes)

I saw it a couple times right when 5.3 came out. I thought it was fixed though, haven't seen anyone talking about it on the forums and haven't seen anyone abusing it lately either
At least you are unable to use the sacrificial dagger to skip bosses now. Blizzard fixes these fights historically, so maybe there is hope that the bug will be corrected.

On another note, it is somewhat sad that they must cheat to get past the first rank 9.

Good catch.

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