Boots advice.

I have done some research and i have 3 boots to pick , durumumu , and the crafted ones. i was thinking after doing the comparison in wowhead that the haunted crafted boots are way better only difference one had haste and the other one hit. anyone can help me or guide me in which one to get ? since haste is gonna be not so good in 5.4.
Haste's value isn't changing in 5.4.

If you can use the hit, the hit/haste ones are good; otherwise, the haste/mastery ones are the best-itemized of the normal mode boots.
I read that haste is not gonna be that good , so i opt for options and after looking at thecks builds i like the mastery control one more than haste since im not a fan of it.
Then the sources you read were misinformed. The only change to stats currently is that dodge and parry's relative values are going up, but only slightly.
Haste's value will also go down slightly, but just as with dodge/parry it's only slightly and shouldn't change the fact that haste is our best secondary stat (after hit/exp).

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