Best 2's Comp for Hpally

As the title says, whats the best comp?
Anything with high damage would be my guess. Feral/hunter maybe? Just a guess. Hopefully someone else can give you a definite answer.
I'm doing well with a UHDK, good pressure and can peel very well with death grips.

Also with Clemency, having double freedoms to put on the UHDK allows him to always be on target.
Ele- Good damage, can heal you or themselves in a pinch, decent CC, extremely effective against double melee.

Unholy- Good damage, amazing peels, great pressure, hard to kill.

BM- Great damage, good CC, good peels, decent pressure.

Those are my favorite 3 in no particular order, I like all of them.
BM Unholy Or feral. I'd go with unholy if I were you because they put a ton of pressure on other healers and may have an easier time killing them. Plus they also are good against casters
I'd have no problems pairing with:

Shadow Priests - match made in heaven, opponents focus me, priest free casts
Warriors - won't pay much attention to me, but I can stay alive long enough for them to burst someone down.
Frost/UH DKs - lets me LoS for most of the fight with their awesome defensives
WW Monks - doesn't require any explanation

I've never paired up with a Feral / Shaman / Warlock / Mage as holy. Rogues and hunters can be hit or miss, especially hunters who are undergeared - some are incapable of putting out enough burst damage to get a kill.

I don't really need to be baby-sat on my h.pally, so a peel here and there while very much appreciated, is not super necessary.
Shadow Priests - match made in heaven, opponents focus me, priest free castsWarriors - won't pay much attention to me, but I can stay alive long enough for them to burst someone down.Frost/UH DKs - lets me LoS for most of the fight with their awesome defensivesWW Monks - doesn't require any explanation

SPriest XP: 1700.
Warrior XP: 1600.
Frost/UH Dk XP: 1850 and rising. (Current partner is Frost, got my 1750 with UH)
WW Monk XP: 1600

Spriest/Hpally- I liked this comp, for about a day and a half. While I understand where you're getting at when the DPS focus's me, we win, that's for stupid <1500 comps. If they are smart, they'll just lock down my partner as he cries about being shadow locked, wanting to reroll druid healer because he can't solo one (even 1v2!), or that his dots won't kill anyone. I agree with his survivability (Disperse, constant bubble on himself, etc.) and his peels and cc (Fear, tendrils, etc.), but his damage isn't Swifty one shot persay. Along with a smart healer, he will just dispel his dots, take the few second fear, then /lol at his mind flays (which will be LoS'd). All in all, I'm sure it could work for higher, but it's definitely weak until Spriests can be buffed. Standing and casting, more like dying and crying.

Warrior/Hpally- I have never, ever ran with a warrior on my hpally. Why? Well, in any and every situation that I've been put through vs. a warrior in a 2v2 arena environment, we won in short. It's pretty hilarious how warriors go in confidently like a bold, strong warrior screaming "YA SWIFTY ONE SHOT MACRO IM FUNA KIL U BAD GUISE!" And once we kite, or I just bubble my dps or myself for lul's, the Warrior's burst is over, and in some cases they just leave and make alts and tell us we're bad. It's pathetic, and I don't very well seeing warriors as a strong choice for an 2's comp. I'm not saying it's not possible, but for people of less than Skill Capped, I couldn't recommend it.

(Edit): I would like to scratch that. I have run with a Fury Warrior before. Most of everything previously states is true, and it kind of just boiled down to a healer carry because of his lack of being able to burst. I had to baby sit him and was very unpleasant. After CD's, just sit there with your thumbs in your butt. When his defensives are down, hope for second wind to do anything.

WWMonk/Hpally- This comp was, unique to be honest. We only went 1600/ish, and I feel like it wasn't the comp so much as it was the player. It wasn't really the survivability, because he has ToK, RoP, kiting abilities etc. It was really his overall damage was negatable, avoided, or just overall not strong enough. I won't sit here and tell anyone that I know anything about monks, because really I don't. I've just never lost to a comp with a WW in it, so they can't be that strong of a class. Besides, I hear they are weak, and I also see how scarce they are in PvP environments. Just like Warriors, I won't say they aren't viable, but I won't recommend running with one (besides getting your weekly cap)!

F/UH DK/Hpally- (Frost) This was a comp I very well enjoy(ed). I totally agree with you that DK's are overall a strong class. The peels are fantastic. Oh, noob Rogue is on you? Go behind that pillar and I'll take care of him, myself *evil laughter.* They also are pretty nasty with the defensives as well. Negating damage like he gets some sort of sexual thrill of it, really. I can't say he's ever been bursted down to the point where he barely got time to howling blast except for Demo/Enh. comp which we went 1-1 against. The only time he gets endangered is with very long games (which are rare), or if I get CC'd like a baby, which is often. Even then, he can pull through like a champion. Very bursty, very versatile, would recommend to any and every Hpally. As for (Unholy) standards, I also liked running with him. While he may not be as bursty as the Frost, necrotics are quite the cruel mistress themselves. They drain healer mana like a broken cup, then are free to have a party on the dps. I would be careful with unholy's, though. It's a much tougher spec to play than faceroll Frost, but when in the right hands can be a tool of mass destruction.

I've never paired up with a Feral / Shaman / Warlock / Mage as holy. Rogues and hunters can be hit or miss

Feral XP: 1650.
Elemental XP: 1700
Warlock XP: 0 (RBG XP- 1780)
Mage XP: 1526
Hunter XP: 0 (RBG XP- 1680)
Rogue XP: 1495 (Me, being the Rogue.)
Boomkin: 0
Enhance: 0
Retribution: 0 (Wargames XP 3v3)

Feral/Hpally: I enjoy this comp, I very much do. It's kind of self explanatory, really, but I'll explain. He is very aggressive in killing the enemy's. Not stupid, LoS'ing me, but can tear through a DPS like the wrapping of a Christmas Present. Not extremely strong against healers, but the DoT's are rough, so in the long haul can make healers cry. No match as ever lasted the full 28 minutes because of that. Also his survivability is magical, just once you think you got him, boom bear form. Have fun, kiddo's. Also, why are you kiting a druid? He'll just be on your tail (no pun intended) in T-2 seconds, so just you try. While I can't totally agree with his peels, Cyclone is very, very nice. He can clone a DPS off me, typhoon him away, or even root him. Cycloning the healer and killing the dps makes for a nasty CC chain as well, so have fun with that other team.

Elemental/Hpally: Well, this is a Love/Hate comp. I say love because Hpally's are as good as it's going to get for Elemental Shamans. Why? Well, Elemental is the most controlled spec in the game to be honest. Sure, pop Ascendance, but let's just LoS you or interrupt them until they cry. Or, if they're stupid, they'll stay on them. They'll interrupt him when Lava Blasting and what not, so rendering his burst useless is just freggin fantastic. I've seen him one shot healers because of lucky procs, but it's not reliable enough for comfort. His survivability is nice, but we've dragged on a few too many 28 minute games.

As for the rest of the comps, I cannot speak very well in 2v2 environments, but I can say a few words about each of the other comps.

Warlock/Hpally- We have done PvA (Player Vs All) Arena's (Gurubashi, DMF DM), for the fun of it, during RBG que's. Me and him have caused havoc (no pun intended) among those who dare challenge us. We have 2v2'd, 2v3'd, and even 2v4'd and won a few times. I do highly recommend this comp if you find a very good Warlock. They have disgusting solo survivability, as well as heals. Their burst damage is also disgusting, and about to get even nastier come 5.4. Very recommended for 2's, and also Kill groups in RBG's (which me and him also excel in).

Mage/Hpally- This in itself should've been much more powerful than my XP could tell you guys. It was a pretty bad mage, but 1500 isn't bad with a poopoo mage (5.1/2 XP) The theory of Mage/Hpally is pretty nasty though. Double Immunities (Bubble, Ice Block) mages for a great time surviving bursty comps, as well as kiting abilities to make melee cry, as well as ranged so /sob that they are being LoS'd in their burst stages. My mage didn't really know how to one shot people like other mages do (deep, orb, afk), but having one who knows how2mage would make for instant 2k, just for creating the team really.

Hunter/Hpally- I have only personally run with a hunter 2v2, 2v3, and 2v4'd in RBG scenario's defending bases while backup arrives. With no LoS at the maps in which I've had the pleasure of fighting with him, I still highly enjoyed running with him. We wipe'd 2v2 and 2v3'd, and warded off 2v4's for help arriving, with the help of his great peels, damage output, pressure and especially AoE dps and Flag spinning made for a great time. I could see this comp going far, with deter and extreme pressure and kiting abilities, I couldn't see where it would go wrong. Very recommended.

Rogue/Hpally: I will not preach that Rogue's need to be buffed, they suck, or anything. I played combat with a moderate Hpally, and we only scraped 1500. It was because of my lack of burst vs fights where I could not get killing spree off, so I won't tell you about that XP. Although, fighting against Rogue's is pathetic, no pressure really being put out after CC's, they are very cute trying to kill us. Would not recommend, for sake of underpowered ness right now with a healer. With a dps, maybe a rogue would be viable in 2's, but definitely not by themselves with a healer.

Boomchicken/Hpally: I've faced only one boomkin in my days, and it was a draw. I will credit this to my above average playstyle (epeen+), or the fact that Boomkins really don't have the burst to take down my partner or I. Sure, solar beam+circle pully thing OP, but that is very easily countered by being a Hpally, or anything that can dispel or trinket out of. So overall, I can't recommend it because of it's lack of pressure. Although, it has nasty offheals and survivability, along with kiting, I would only see wins against double DPS or because of people leaving because they don't want to fight for 28 minutes.

Enhance/Hpally: Never, ever played with an enhancement shaman outside of Cataclysm PvP. I know nothing about them, and I won't pretend to tell you about them. I've only faced a few, but I can and will do talk about that briefly. With double DPS comps with Enhance, they are pretty disgusting when left alone. They will make it as if you weren't wearing trousers, if you catch my drift. Vs Enh/healer though, I can lol at them. They do apply somewhat pressure single target, I guess, but off CD they don't really do much. With CD, they are relatively bursty. I can easily counter that with Devo, Divine, or BoP, or even just stun them off. It's pretty cute how they try, so I won't recommend it. Again, as for this and any other comp I haven't really tried, I'm not saying it's not viable, I'm just advising against it based on information provided to me by other people and XP.

Retribution/Hpally: Well, I've only ran this in 3's wargames with guildies. I was satisfied with the results, though. It applies constant pressure, along with very, VERY nice burst. But, then again, off CD it's pretty cute how they try. Very kitable, but once they HoJ/FoJ you, you might take a pounding. On CD (every 5 mintues), you best be prepared. If you are as Illidan says, you're in for a rough time. Again, easily counterable, but rough to deal with on CD. Double Bubble is extremely nice, but can cause issues when not communicated properly (because of the obvious Forbearance debuff) you can rely too much on BoP and once unavailable to you, might cause for a death. Can be viable, but I've never seen it done.

Disclaimer: This is all purely opinion based, and none of this is fact or set in stone. This is all person belief, and if you disagree, I fully understand and will gladly discuss it civilized. Don't come at me "omgf u nub do u evn heal? me and dis arken ret palydn r 1700 ugh go heal a r4id!!" I am fully up to hear what others opinions are on the subject, the game is constant learning and progressing, so we can learn from each other and become the best.
Shameless bump.

Curious on others thoughts on viable 2s comps with Holy Pallies.
im doing alright with a ele shammy i started really late in season tho about 2k so far still playing in full malv gear as holy
So far I have only really experimented with a frost Mage and that combo seems to work really well. We made 1550 easily even though we are still trying to figure out our classes more for pvp. The comp does pretty good against anything really. Like said before the double immunities make double dps a lot easier, along with the ease of kiting melee with a frost Mage. And against heals the comp is great as well. Just get a nice cc chain on the other heals and let the Mage deep freeze the dps and watch them /cry as the dps drops like a rock.

I will continue to run with the frost Mage but I also going to try and play with a frost dk. The combo seems like it will be great! The damage frost puts out is amazing and combine that with less ease of being kited thanks to freedom, this comp definitely seems to be one of the top comps for a hpally.
Played Feral Hpally 2s to 2050 this season.

Good comp this season, the only comp we have trouble with is hunter/priest.

Feral gets bubble from symbiosis, doesn't need freedom. Run with heart of the wild when facing double dps.

Repentance->cyclone->pally stun->repentance->pally blind nets u a trinket at least, n probably some defensive cds from kill target. Do it again a minute later, win. If you mess up, do it again lol.

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