Coming back to the game to raid (prot tanking

Havent played since november, and a good buddy of mine asked me to come back and main tank for him. I said sure, but now I am only slightly lost.

I have some new guildies that helping get back up to speed in terms of gear and whatnot, but I was wondering what I need to know about prot tanking in the current patch.

I prefer the control/mastery build (hit cap, exp cap, stack mastery and leftover goes into haste)

Is this still a viable approach for stats? What talents/ glyphs should I be looking for? Thanks guys!
Yes, still viable, but there really isn't any benefit to stack mastery over haste for current content. There may have been some exceptions last tier with Heroic Shekzeer and Sha, but even that I'm not certain.

Glyphs change based on fight. Alabaster Shield, Battle Healer, Focused Shield, Final Wrath, Divine Protection, etc. for the most part. Battle Healer will be much more situational in 5.4, but at the same time, it's pretty much mandatory now.

Avoid dodge/parry and crit.

The sticky should answer any general questions you have.
The only mandatory talent is Sacred Shield. Otherwise, just see what you like best or what works best for a given fight.

And yeah, we have a sticky ( ) which should answer general questions, but feel free to ask about any specific things you want clarified.
When it comes down to mastery vs haste ask yourself do you find yourself taking too much damage while sotr is up or while sotr is down. If the first one is the problem, get more mastery and make those sotrs stronger. If the latter get more haste to reduce the frequency between sotrs and up the number of SS bubbles and SoI heals.
More often than not haste is the better option. The base 45-50% dr sotr you get anyway is generally sufficient to keep you alive while sotr is up. Haste giving a considerable amount more damage than mastery is just icing on the cake.
Haste is the way to go for this tier.

Talents have already been answered, the only mandatory one is sacred shield. I personally find Holy Prism, Holy Avenger, and Unbreakable Spirit to be the go-to talents in their respective tiers unless a fight calls for something else, but none of them are mandatory.

For glyphs, battle healer is more or less mandatory in a raid environment. There will never be 3 glyphs that provide more benefit than battle healer for any fight (though this is going to change with 5.4 - battle healer will be next to useless then). For most fights you will probably want to glyph Divine Protection, except for specific instances where unglyphed is better (i.e. Megaera). I'm usually running with battle healer, DP, and the third slot is a dps booster with either Alabaster Shield or Focused Shield, depending on how many adds there are in the fight for AS to bounce to.
I think I learned more in this thread alone than all of the "number cruncher" forums combined. Gracias :)

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