Resto druid PvE?

What's the stat priority? Haven't really played this toon since last patch...guild had me main change to resto shammy.
I see a lot of druids using straight up mastery whats the deal?

I'm also doing cmodes, isn't int better for those?
well for me, I went mostly Intellect and Spirit until I was able to break the 3034 haste cap, and now i'm focusing more on mastery and intellect.

As for challenge modes, you can be super geared for it but it scales your gear down, so it's as if you were a fresh 90 in greens doing a heroic. But mastery buffs all your healing spells so I would prioritize it once you hit 3034 haste minimum.
3034 haste point then go to mastery till ur like 540 ilvl then you go 13k
For int vs mastery
Total Spellpower before buffs = 22605 +(0.5843 x Mastery before buffs)

If the left side of the equation is higher (where it says spellpower) gem mastery
If the right side of the equation is higher (where it says mastery) gem intellect

And pretty much what everyone else is saying. 3043, personal comfortably spirit level, int or mastery till you get the gear for 13k break point.

Look it up in another thread if you want, I had a discussion with a few others about taking the other stats away to go for 6643 break point for an extra tick on Wild Growth. After tryin' it for a week I decided it wasn't worth it.
RE: Haste BPs, particularly the ~6650 one.

The advice seems to be stay at 3034 haste until you can get to 13K haste on your gear.

But my drood is at the point where (no haste gems, no haste enchants, reforged all haste to mast/spirit), I have about 3400 haste.

So is it better to sit on ~400 "wasted" stats (and more as I valor upgrade, etc.) or should I try for the ~6650 haste bp?

So is it better to sit on ~400 "wasted" stats (and more as I valor upgrade, etc.) or should I try for the ~6650 haste bp?

From personal experience and from what others have shown in other threads, yes.

I'm sitting nearly 700 haste over the break point, but I wouldn't sacrifice the 1.7k spirit/8% mastery it would take to get to the 6652 point. It just didn't feel worth it, or showed that way on fights.
The first haste breakpoint is 3043 not 3034 as several people have stated. An easy mistake to make but 3034 is basically worthless while 3043 is a drastic healing increase. Make sure you are at 3043.

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