New Age Pallies and Weapon Procs

I just got back into wow after a bit of a break and was vendoring off a buncha Wrath gear when I noticed a few old school weapons that have interesting procs in my bank. Besides auto attack, what sortsa Pally attacks work proc such a weapon?

My Spark of the Zandalar seems to be proccing off anything I can do, and I want to say that includes Flash of Light as well.
Anything that specifically triggers from melee attacks will trigger from auto-attacks, Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict, Hammer of the Righteous, Divine Storm, and Judgment (those are all of our melee attacks). If it procs off of melee and ranged attacks, it should proc off of Hammer of Wrath as well.
I just had both my Feather and Dancing Steel proc from Exorcism, and I know I've had at least Dancing Steel proc from casting Execution Sentence before. Neither Exorcism nor Judgement, however, are stacking my Spark.
Yeah, Feather and Spark are both "attacks" not "melee attacks", so any damaging ability should trigger them.

Dancing Steel procs off of pretty much anything. My monk's Healing Spheres proc it.
omg I swear everything will proc off of the weirdest things.

I swear today I refreshed Might and dancing steel, Capatinance, spark of zandalar, and feather all proced. And in 5.4 I'm expecting my cloak to proc as well.
I've had both feather proc and spark stack from several of my effects expiring post-combat.

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