As title states we are in need of an experienced melee dps for tonights raid.
Fresh run with H Jinrok and Horridon then onto progression on H Tortos.

Same experience and gear to reflect this preferred but if you feel you can do the task please feel free to contact us.

Raid Starts at 7pm server time, we are happy to keep you for the whole raid week. (Sun+Mon same time) Raid finishes at 10pm.

Please reply here if you are interested.

Would be interested to bring my 511 warrior, haven't got a heroic Horridon kill tho.

Have heroic Jin Rokh, Tortos & Ji'kun exp tho.
Hello, im a 528 frost/unholy dk with 1/13HM Exp, but I have knowledge of most of the HM fights.
Thanks for your interest guys.. Spot filled :)

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