ret dps

Im trying to get the hang of ret atm. I have been researching the rotation, and I worked on getting some gear. When I practise on a dummy, my dps only about 50k. my Ilvl is 480, should my dps be higher?
You are way over hit cap. Replace your pure hit gems with haste gems, also get your expertise up to cap.
ok, Il do that. What should I pulling on the dummies for my gear?
I'll bet that more is possible, even without any gear changes.

A few general troubleshooting questions:
- What does your damage breakdown look like? What are your top 3 damage sources?
- Are you using your cooldowns as often as possible?
- What rotation/priority are you using?
- Do you have an addon to track Inquisition? The default UI is pretty bad for it, but our DPS strongly depends on keeping it up.
Get a tyrannical weapon, no real excuse for not having one.
on raid bosses i was pulling around 60-70k depending on the fight at that ilvl. that's including downtime moving around and switching targets and stuff.

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