Main Hand/Off hand hardest pieces to get?

Ive been trying to farm a holy set and have had no luck with main/off hands. Anything im missing as to where I can find these pieces so that I can finally start trying my hand at healing?
Offhand (Shield) can be gotten of Honor Vendor (ilvl 476). There are several weapons that can be gotten via the lower level LFR's. If you do a Key run on Thunder Isle, you can get a bunch of coins, and just farm the Weapon that way. Just set your loot spec to Holy.
Havent gotten a weapon in 2 or 3 weeks... maybe my rolls are just bad.. :(
If your only goal is to START healing and to learn the spec, you could just settle for a blue weapon. Try for Carapace Breaker from Gate of the Setting Sun 5-man (either heroic or normal) or, if you never did the quest from the Arena of Annihalation scenario, go do that for Jol'Grum's Frozen Mace.

You don't need good gear to learn how to heal in LFR, you just need a weapon with spellpower on it.

edit: Also get a blacksmith to make you a Masterwork Lightsteel Shield

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