"Error retrieving character list."

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Hello guys,
First of all, I've been gone from WOW for a couple years and my skill at navigating the forums may be lacking. If this is a double post I apologize, but I do think it is a little bit different than others.

All my toons on all realms load and are fine... All my toons on Lightbringer, however, will not load. I get the "error retrieving character list" popup.

Now, from other forums I've read things like "Outlands is down" so every toon that logged out in Outlands won't work. I don't think this is the problem for me though because the 9 toons are logged out in different places AND my friend who plays on Lightbringer has all his toons work fine.

Any insight into what is going on, or anything I can try to get Lightbringer up and running?


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