[H] Recruiting Core Raid Spots (1Heal / 2DPS)


Horde guild <Broke The Build> is looking for 3 players to join our core 10 man TOT raiding group:

- 1 Healer (any class)
- 2 DPS (prefer hunter / rogue / shaman / dk)

We are all adult players who have been raiding since Vanilla and have come back to the game a few months ago after a bit of a break. Our raid leader has a lot of experience leading a raid through heroic content before the following patch.

We started raiding 2 weeks ago and have cleared MSV/HOF/TOES and we will be starting TOT this week coming.

We raid once a week on Sunday at 2PM server time, with 5.4 we will be adding a weeknight Flexi-Raid. Yes, only once a week right now because we all work too much - but when we come together on Sunday and raid we take it seriously and progress.

We are looking for reliable players who are raid ready for ToT (500+) and have at least cleared it a few times on LFR. No normal mode experience is necessary.

We provide consumables / flasks / food / etc for progression raids but ask you to come prepared and on time with your gear enchanted / gemmed / reforged / etc.

If this sounds like what you are looking for please send one of us a tell in game (Cruxial, Harim).


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