Losing Slot Bonuses

Howdy all. Since I am by no means an expert, just a lowly ret trying to get by, I thought I'd ask the fine folks on the pally forums a question. I'm wondering if there is a point at which it's better to put a straight haste gem into a slot and lose the slot bonus, or if I should stick to the str/hit gems and maintain the bonus. It seems to me that the haste gem may be better, but I'm not completely sure. I do have more hit than I need. Other than that, any other tips you have for my gear?
You need a little less than double the amount of haste for it to beat strength. Thus, 120 strength is better than 160 haste for your chest, and 200 strength is probably better than 320 haste in your legs. However, for something like your shoulders, where it's 60 strength versus 160 haste, and the hit is totally wasted, it's probably better to ignore the bonus.

Also, if you're way over the hit cap and can't go lower, it's totally viable to use haste/stamina gems in blue sockets if you want the bonus. Hit over the cap is useless; stamina, while very weak, isn't.

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