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Im fairly new to the game. (December 2012) and i was browsing WoWwiki and i was looking at hunters. I have a level 16 Hunter. It said that you could BUY a skill named Raptor strike at lvl 6. I do not know how to buy it, and it is nowhere in the skill book. No patch notes say it was deleted. Same with Disengage
Raptor strike (and other melee abilities) were removed with patch 5.0, more than a year ago. Learning abilities from class trainers was also removed (abilities are learned automatically as you level now). Noone uses wowwiki anymore, it is horribly out of date and has not been updated in a long time. You should use wowpedia instead.
Thx. But what about Disengage? All lvl 15 hunter talents mention it and i still dont have it.
Also, no one's had to purchase spells since Cataclysm was released (iirc, I'm too lazy to look it up right now).

If you have questions specific to a class you want to play, you'll want to post in the class forums. For general "Help, I'm a noob!" questions, you should take a gander at the NPH&G forums here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011644/
Disengage is learned at level 14 now. Are you sure you aren't just overlooking it?
Ill double-look. thanks for the feedback
Yeah i got it in my book. Wish it was in the order you learn them, not in alphabetical order
Mungaar, wowwiki is sadly out of date on many things. WoWpedia.org is much more up to date on the basic info. :)
Yeah i got it in my book. Wish it was in the order you learn them, not in alphabetical order

Wowwiki is really out of date, just btw. wowpedia is where all the writers went and is a much better resource now
Edit: beaten to it!
Two things (they've both been mentioned, but I wanted to make sure it was clear):

1: Wowwiki is an obsolete site. Yes, there are still a few people updating it, but the majority of the writers/maintaners of it went to Wowpedia instead. Wowpedia is a more reliable site, and has official fan site status with Blizzard whereas Wowwiki does not.

2: When patch 4.0 was released (shortly before Cataclysm), the concept of purchasing abilities was removed from the game. It used to be that you had to visit your class trainer every 2 levels (every level above 60) to train new skills or new ranks of skills. With Cataclysm, all abilities are now automatically given to you as you level. Every time you level, the game will inform you of any new abilities you've learned with a splash notification as well as a notice in the chat window.

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