How to make wow run using whole CPU and GPU?

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hey all,
atm my pc is running AMD 8150, gtx 570.

wow only uses 30 - 50% of both cpu and gpu, is there something i can do to make it run at full capacity, like every other game i play?
I would doubt "every other game you play" ramps that CPU up to 100%, largely because most other titles are still only single core (12.5% + a little extra for driver duties) or perhaps early dual-core (25% peak plus drivers). There are only a few titles which will use more than that, and 50% load would suggest all four of your modules have one core fully loaded (which is the highest performance you can get from an 8150 running FPU-heavy code like WoW).

However, as for GPU usage that's about typical. WoW places lower demands on your graphics hardware than on your processing and memory, which is the reverse of pretty much everything else as they prize graphics more than general processing. Increasing your GPU load would require a faster processor to speed up the core program resulting in more frames being prepared, or turning on features not accessible in-game such as TrMSAA, TrSSAA (both available through the control panels) or SGSSAA (available with registry tweaks or 3rd party programs like nVidiaInspector).

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