Which legendary meta gem for PVP frost mage

I can't decide which legendary meta gem to use in my helm for pvp frost mage 2's, 3's, bg's, and rbg's.

I'm trying out the Tyrannical Primal Diamond: +665 PVP Power & +775 Resilience, but after playing some with it, I'm not convinced it's the best choice.

My other choices are:

■ Sinister Primal Diamond: +324 Crit & Chance on dealing spell damage to gain 30% spell haste for 10 sec;

■ Courageous Primal Diamond: +324 Int & Chance on casting a helpful spell to make your next spell cost no mana.

or the non-legendary, Burning Primal Diamond, +216 Intellect and 3% Increased Critical Effect

Any suggestions or thoughts? I did do research, but still am not convinced. I need help.
Sinister Primal Diamond. The Courageous Primal Diamond (as I have learned) doesn't provide mages any benefit since we're not a healing class. The non-legendary is inferior, but would be the choice if you could not get a legendary.
What about the Tyrannical Primal Diamond. I kept reading on sites that it was the best for pvp, but I'm not convinced.

Does the crit and haste help in pvp over the pvp power?
will the legendary meta even work in a PvP set? The gem requires a 502i level item and pvp gear is 496, and if you were to even wear your PvE helm it would get scaled down to 496 as well. I have not tried equipping the legendary gem in a pvp helm yet, but would be interested to know if it works.
Legendary metas definitely do not work in the PvP helms.

Numbers-wise, the Tyrannical meta gives exactly 1.66% PvP power and some resilience (~1.14% if you have no resil from any other source), while the Burning meta gives 216 int and a 3% boost to crit damage. There are a couple of factors we have to consider:

  • For damage output, we're comparing a (small) PvP power gain to a (small) intellect boost and a boost to crit damage. The intellect gain could be anywhere from 1-2% of your total intellect (depending on your gear). The better your gear gets, the worse that +216 int looks, but even in full Tyrannical it'll come within 0.5% of the PvP boost. However, this is just icing on the cake, because the real boon of the Burning meta is your crit damage bonus. Ignoring the intellect, if you can reliably crit more than 55% of the time, the Burning meta's crit damage bonus is comparable to (and may exceed) the PvP power bonus on the Tyrannical meta.
  • For damage reduction, the bonus resilience given by the Tyrannical meta is a clear winner. The only real consideration to make on the Burning meta's side is the fact that +216 Int will increase the absorption of your Ice Barrier by 713 (which is negligible).

TL;DR — No legendary gems in PvP helms; Tyrannical has better survival; Burning has better damage with higher crit chance.
what about next season when the pvp gear is 522? will the legendary meta still be disabled, not allowed etc

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