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8/10. Ive never liked dresses on hunters. Though I obviously like the color scheme

For mine, I already had this set, but I got my cloak last night and wanted to match it. So I got back into this one and got the skull helm from the store. Looks pretty cool, imo, when both animations occur
Try the Chest / Gloves / Legs from the Northrend Frozen Mail (Gold and Blue recolor)

Get the Justice point Dragonsoul Belt as the belt.

The Soul screaming boots from regular Forge of Souls to complement the Frozen mail set.

And to finish, a blue workman's shirt for the rest, it should do the trick Jatarri.
@Jatarri 7/10.. Not solid enough more my personal taste. Unique though, I have never seen it.
@ Xhevo 8.5/10, everything goes together really well... just very, very bland. I suppose it would work well for hunting out in the barrens since you would kinda blend in...
Did you hunt those shoulders your self? :) 9/10 would get +1 if you weren't mail NE.. ha

i actually contemplated doing a really similar set :P
03/24/2014 06:25 PMPosted by Narts

i actually contemplated doing a really similar set :P


Good original look, bow seems a little off though
Big fan of that look Liquil 10/10
9/10 like the color scheme
5/10, not for me sorry
7/10 that helmet matches with S15 gear pretty well.
@nudara 8/10 love the helm but half isnt even mogged
just redid mine so pls wait for it to update ^_^
9/10, everything looks good together... just not much flare with the current tier. The goggles are a nice edition though.

I made a few changes to mine yesterday (to make me look more like a hunter) but for some reason the armory has updated the gear information but not my armory image... so here is what my transmog currently looks like:
8/10 The look of those shoulders always made more sense on a hunter than shaman IMO.
That's !@#$ing sweet, 10/10 amigo! Very unique

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