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So we're attempting to remember when that zeppelin was added in the game. Some of us think late classic, others think BC. Anyone remember?
I didn't play horde in Vanilla but I thought they had them then.
Wasn't that a late WotLK thing?
Pretty sure that was done late WotLK.



Travel from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar

This is how you get from Tauren territory (Thunder Bluff, Mulgore) to Orc and Troll territory (Orgrimmar, Durotar).


As of patch 3.2.0 you can take a zeppelin between the two cities. Thunder Bluff's departs from the northwestern dock on Spirit Rise; Orgrimmar's departs from the western dock of the western zeppelin tower atop the Orgrimmar Skyway. Waiting for the zeppelin can take up to 10 minutes, though, so it requires a bit of patience to use.
It was added in patch 4.0 so tauren would be more attractive, due to their long distance to travel to the Horde Capital.

(So end of WotLK is correct)

Hmm, could have sworn it was with the talent changes, oh well.
The TB -> ORG was late Wrath, iirc.
So we're attempting to remember when that zeppelin was added in the game. Some of us think late classic, others think BC. Anyone remember?

Definitely *not* Classic or BC. Stopped playing horde then, so not sure when.

Ahh... google search says patch 3.2.0 - August 4, 2009.
It was added in patch 3.2.0

Probably still quicker to run there with how slow it goes!
It was late Wrath. Before then, every young Tauren had to walk across the expanse that was the Barrens, passing Mankirk's estranged wife, through the Crossroads (where they got the flight path), and, finally, across the river, into Durataur...

...and then down to Razor Hill (with no FP) and up the looooong ravine, the home stretch, to Orgrimmar. When you finally got out of that damn canyon and could finally see the gates of Org, it was a truly happy moment. From leaving the elevator at Thunder Bluff to stepping foot in Org was probably a good 20-40 minute journey.

I remember it feeling really epic back then just when you got to Crossroads, the half-way point. My first ever Tauren got there and it was just so epic. Then walking to Org (I did that quest where you learn about flight paths, fly some stuff back to TB then back to Xroads) before going the rest of the way to Org.


Ah, fun times. Good memories. :)
I remember running alts to Thunder Bluff cause that's where the guy who could train you in Guns was. Was amazed to find the Zeppelin one day in Wrath. And then more amazed when I didn't have to train weapon skills anymore.

I actually miss all that stuff. Class trainers, class quests, weapon skills. I rolled my very first Druid not too long ago, and BAM they just GAVE me Cat Form. I was kinda hoping there would be some Class Quest involved, but I'm too late ...
Thanks everyone. What started this was we were attempting to remember what zep used to crash into stuff from time to time. I think we were misremembering when the zep would stall mid map screen and you would end up nowhere.

Edit: Now back to H Twins... almost to p3.. almost... lol

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