Celestial Blessing - Warlock

Been on this quest for like 2 days now and can't kill him. I tried demo and destro spec but i still can't. I came close multiple times but its those blobs that end up killing me. Any help? The AOE in demo helps a bit but its not enough. ilvl is 526
Try this:


Some of the comments deal with warlocks specifically.
I used Angbands guide and it worked out fine. I used destro w/ GoSac for this encounter, though I can't recall which minion I sacrificed. What I did was set up a gateway to the balcony(it can be done with precise placing) with the start point right next to the encounter clicky. I also used GoSac for this encounter as minions aggro the blobs. I started to wail on Wrathion as soon as he turned red then right as he leapt at me I hopped gateway, soulshattered and sprinted to the far edge of the balcony and stayed there the whole fight. If you go anywhere near even the middle of the balcony you'll aggro the blobs. If you want to avoid blobs, the aggro dump and personal placement are key. You can do it, OP. Just don't get discouraged by a few wipes.
ha, I have now done both the melee and this one.. this one is far easier. both require avoidance type attacks. forget nuking.. as destruction, I just sent my void pet to kill wrath and then ran. I didn't bother with healing the void just repopped him if he died. the balcony where yulon is ,,, is your friend.. kite the blobs and kill them with rain of fire and what ever ya have you can shoot on the move. I only used chaos bolt a couple of times on wrath, well maybe five times. really don't remember, most attacks were just instance shots and no other casting types. when the mirrors come out... again, hide on the balcony behind yulon.. send the void to attack wrath, he will find the real one. mirror images will occur maybe three times or four and then wrath will chase ya again. so as before run and kill blobs use the entire room below the balcony and avoid the bubbling pools. I even had time to bandage up fully while mirror images.. it took me two different sets of mirrors to finally do him in.. I thought I had messed up.. wrath turned green and yulon yells ... that's enough... kind of anti climatic. I only used chaos bolt when I felt I sufficient time to do the long cast and run. just don't push it and you will be fine.
i think it took me about 30 minutes to do it, but following what I read here I did it in one shot, i couldnt believe it. stay on the balcony and I only had one add ever come to me at a time so it was easy to kill then hide for a bit and then dps a bit

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