Jewelcrafting - how should I prepare for 5.4?

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I would post this in professions but it's usually pretty dead there.

I just resubbed today, and I only have about 10k give or take. People have been mentioning preparing for 5.4, and I'm just wondering what all the fuss is about and what I should do / where I should look to prepare to make the most gold when 5.4 hits. Any help is appreciated!
I haven't been reading the patch notes but, typically, when a new patch drops JCers can gouge up prices to insane levels, and everyone will buy them anyways in a rush to gem new gear.

To prepare, I'm guessing people are stock-piling gems to cut and AH.

If you want to do that, then you'll have to get lots and lots of uncut gems, either by mining and prospecting, or getting a bunch of ore to prospect another way, then be ready to cut colored and primal gems as needed to take advantage of the high prices they'll be going for.
Going into a major patch you want raw materials not cash.
This helps a lot. Thank you guys, I'll try to get most of my patterns by then and get a bunch of gems!
The panda patterns aren't to hard to come by. You need to get 3 of each blue gem to get a new pattern, although if you have tons of extras of a color you don't like, you can still do the daily CD for it, and get a random cut if you already have that color's patterns maxed out.
For the meta gems, your best bet is to do golden lotus dailies, as you'll usually get a meta pattern from the end box, or even from the gao lai chest over in the ruins.

What's annoying is no new rings or necklace patterns so far.

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