A simple request

Good morning, Paladins!

Simply put, I'm tired of looking at my Blood Elf Paladin. There is nothing really wrong with him, but I'd like to diversify the races of my current characters.

I went Belf for the racial and the size difference relative to Tauren. Throughout Cata I healed and found that the diminutive Blood Elf healer was less...obvious... than the hulking tauren healer, in BGs.

However, since MoP dropped, I've been healing on my Monk. Currently I am without a Tank and thought I would revive this guy, especially with Proving Grounds coming soon to hone my tanking instincts.

Of course, none of this is relevant to my simple request. heh.

As you can see, I'm wearing a fairly common Mog set. Are there any Tauren out there currently sporting the same outfit? It's probably my favourite Paladin set and I'd like to get a look at one of those awesome behemoths in this gear. Ignore the shield and weapon; those are of little consequence.

A simple response to this thread would give me all I need.

Thanks in advance.
You can do the 3D Model Viewer on Wowhead, but it won't show the weapons and what not :(

Off Topic: I do not like being a Blood Elf, I hate how they seem so... soft. I would love to be a Human, seems most gear, especially Paladin gear is suited for them. Also Dwarfs are cool, atleast to me :p Only thing holding me back is the $25, and the fact that I will lose a lot of random BG's haha
aaah. Mogit. /nods

Good tip. Thanks.

Figured this was a long-shot. Lots of Paladins, but not so many of them are Tauren with my sense of style...or lack thereof ;)

TBH, I also like the Dwarves. Alas, I simply cannot get hooked by the Alliance side of things

Thanks again

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