Weapon Question for Ret

Seen a couple of these, but wanted to make sure.

Just got the 516 sword from a Heroic Scen. (it will be upgraded next week if its better) Its the Haste/Mastery version. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/98262

I currently have the Zerat (upgraded) from LFR with the pristmatic slot added with 2 Haste gems.

From what I have read, the weapon DPS on the Heroic Scen one wins even know the stats are better a little on the LFR one.

That correct?
Zerat's stats aren't better if you can't use the hit, and you're way over the hit cap. Even without considering that the 516 is better just by weapon damage alone, it's also better itemized for you, even if you take the gems into consideration (you get more secondary stats that are useful).
Thanks, what I needed to know. I mix my tank/ret set so hit I usually an issue as some of my tanking type pieces don't have any.

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