Execution phase

I was toying around in my raid tonight and I started treating the execution phase the same way when I have sanctified wrath up (using hp generators to get 3 hp then tv). What I noticed is that at my current gear level and haste I can use three holy power generators during sub 20% tv, then use 3 more with no downtime. It appeared that I gained a 10k dps increase by doing this.

I Couldn't find any info on any guides if this would actually be a dps increase, or if I was just getting luckier with procs at the times I was performing my rotation this way. Has anyone else been trying this?
I don't have as much haste as you, but I have noticed this also (sometimes I will have some downtime if exo doesn't proc, but very little). I never thought to look at if by doing this if I gain a dps bump. But, I would think that if you the only downtime you have is the GCD, then basing your rotation on this would help your dps, since more tv=more dps.
Yeah it only works during the execution phase, when HoW is active, so it seems that 4 hp generators is enough to only worry about tv, and not getting 4-5 hp before tv'ing.

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