Quilen Taming

Ok, so I see hunters with them, according to Pet Topia and Wowhead, you can tame the blue Quilen in Crypt of Forgotten Kings. So tell me why it's not working for me?

Im BM, got the exotic ability, and I'm trying to tame them from full health down to almost no health and my tame ability does don't stick. It starts, then just stops.

This is so irritatingly frustrating. There are no tips anywhere how to do this.

What am I doing wrong?
Well, in the case that someone actually has this problem like me, here's the tip:

No one touch the one you want to tame. Most times, you gotta bring their health down before you can tame them. With Quilen, just don't attack it at all. Just immediately start taming.
is the quilen lvl 90 or below?

Do you have dots on it?
Thats a scenario if im not mistaken. IF anyone does anything to you or the quillen (talking party members damaging the quilen/taunting the quillen, or a healer healing you) and the quillen loses its agro on you (meaning it stops atacking you), then it will stop. It needs to not be interupted by anything (your dots wont break the taming proces unless it dies).
You need aggro on a beast to tame it. It's not just quilen, it's the same for every type.

With something like the blue scenario quilen, you'll just have to ask your group to leave one alone. Pull it aside with distracting shot and tame.

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