Sacred Shield nerf.

Yet again Ret gets punished for Prot having something too powerful. If you haven't noticed yet, Sacred Shield was nerfed by 30% on the PTR for Ret and Prot.


First we lost any use of the battle healer glyph, and now sacred shield is pretty much useless. It was still less useful than Selfless Healer 80% of the time, but it was still at least useful enough to swap to it now and again.

Back when the Sacred Shield change was reverted a dev said they'd explore a way to make it more attractive to Ret and Holy in a future build. 30% nerf? not so much.

They want talents to be a choice, but in one patch we're being basically forced into Hammer of Justice and Selfless Healer. Eternal flame buff is nice, but it needs some kind of hot overwrite protection to be viable. Having a 3 point EF hot overwritten by a 2 or 1 point EF sucks.
Its called balancing /w blizzard twist

Plus I wouldn't really pay any attention to the PTR until the patch is on live servers; they change and throw shyt around more then wild monkeys...

Know how many nerfs and buffs made it on to live that were suppose to be reverted or changed in 5.3; even after twitter and blue posts said they would not go live.

Battle healer glyph nerf is more of all the QQ'ers out there nerf, they all forget the 200-400k AoE heals a Blood DK's worms throw out at a high rate. Hell my DK I've had 2-3 worms spawn at same time. THIS gets ignored cause Meters (Recount, Skada or WOL) don't pick it up PROPERLY. Just ask a DK to join in a party and Auto swing on the test dumby watch the 150k heal no veng. start after 30 sec, if he's lucky he'll have 2-3 worms up by the first min; Much stronger then battle healer.

Personally I think they just get lazy in having to remove something or add something to avoid having to make and deploy a new build.
Blood elf males should just receive a 30 percent nerf to everything.
Yeah, I was pretty surprised when I saw that. If it wasn't in the patch notes I'd assume it was a datamining error. Selfless Healer has been the go-to talent for a long time. Not sure why they want to make Sacred Shield even worse.
Blood elf males should just receive a 30 percent nerf to everything.

What about your hybrid goat, I dont see how you can get over that wierd !@# and run animation lol

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