Question about WINGS PVP

hello, I am going to try to start using my Paladin more serious in PVP and have a question about when you pop Wings.

Can the Wings be dispelled?

If so, can I protect them with something attached to them in a macro?

Something might get dispelled over the wings?

Thanks in advance
Wings can't be dispelled or stolen anymore.
Holy Paladins are CD dependent healers, you have to save cooldowns and use cooldowns when the time is right. If you don't, the CD could be utterly wasted or you won't get the full benefits. Unlike other healers, we don't have anything going for us, CC wise, once we use out trinket and Bubble, we are prime CC targets, so you have to use Hand of Sac at the right moments to break Poly, Repentance, Traps, ect. It is smart for a Holy Pally to pillar hump as much as possible to keep you teammates alive.

Also, Independence also have a good healing guide for PvP, link is below.

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