If EVERY single mob dropped a mount

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Can we ride a Jaina Mount?
Can we ride a Jaina Mount?

Whoa whoa, lets keep this thread PG please! :O :D heh
07/29/2013 02:37 PMPosted by Arriay
On a Gnome mount? Tauren males weigh in at roughly half a ton. Even the mighty Huggywuggles would be hard-pressed to carry that much weight. But it would elicit a goodly amount of giggles, i'll admit....
There would be more Undercity raids to get a Sylvanas mount.
You got THAT right.
Deth'tilac or really any of the unique colored magma spiders. Or Maexxna. The time has come for spider ground mounts.
I would farm a dungeon with a specific type of creature (I'm not sure what, yet).
You have to think - Let's say there's like 100 trash mobs (maybe more or less depending on the dungeon).
That's 100*0.1%, which = 10% per run of receiving a mount (let's not get into the argument of "it's a .1% per mob, and it doesn't multiply for each additional mob" because we all know that that is way too technical and the multiplication of the drop rate is pretty realistic).
So THEORETICALLY, you could have it within a few hours of repeatedly clearing the dungeon / old content raid.

Given that, I would raid Sunwell Plataeu because it'd be like riding a Blood-elfy Angel or something.
Necro! I remember this thread.
id be farming c'thun eye all day e'ry day
I'd want a Worgen mount. Worgens should be able to take passengers. I vote for worgen passenger riding quest line! Warlocks got their cosmetic green fire and druids got their stags, Worgens should get this!
Anywhere I could find green drakes. We have every other color of regular drake mount in game already, except for green/emerald.
I'd farm the Whale Shark. Yup.
I want a Tree Mount

A flying tree mount

So Darnassus Here I COME
If every single mob had a chance to drop a mount... the Wandering Isle would never have mobs up as I'd be killing them on sight.

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.

Give me something harder to kill on the Wandering Isle. :D

Not dreaming big enough.

Kill the island itself.
Redridge, to slaughter all the black foxes! : D

Black foxes have a particular sentimental value for me, which is why all of my huntresses get a black fox pet as soon as they can, even if it means riding through Stranglethorn and Duskwood on a level 20 Horde.
Not dreaming big enough.

Kill the island itself.

For starters, I'd get one of those stupid pink haired fem gnomes under each foot and I'd whip them with a spiked mace.

Disrobed fem Drainei would be kinda sweet too... Maybe a scarlet crusader for revenge

The giant yeti in Hillsbrad is not a bad idea, if you were in a BG no one could touch you cause you'd be out of their range on his back.

On a serious note, I like the idea of riding around on a Flesh Hunter from the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj or any run of the mill abomination mod
that ugly pug dog that runs around SW

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