If EVERY single mob dropped a mount

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Anywhere I could find green drakes. We have every other color of regular drake mount in game already, except for green/emerald.

Good call. If only those Nightmare world bosses were still up. They'd be interesting. Maybe I'd just farm Shade of Eranikus in the Sunken Temple though.
One of those jumping thingies from the brewery instance. with the hammer.
Beth'Tilac. I've always wanted to ride a giant magma spider.
Murlocs. Murlocs everywhere.

/mountspecial "rlwarlarararar!"

Hmm.. Murloc costume while mounted on a Murloc. Hmm... Id have to give that a go.
Ysera. I'd mount her all the time.

Too far?
Vanessa VanCleef
Innkeeper Allison
Apothecary Vallia
Alexstrasza. I'd mount her all the time.

Too far?

ftfy. :)
Human peasants.

"Job's done."
A Kobold cave!!
did someone say therazane raid groups?
Id have any horde race piggyback me . Onwards! Id want it to be a -50% speed mount though. lol.

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