If EVERY single mob dropped a mount

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Murlocs. Murlocs everywhere.

/mountspecial "rlwarlarararar!"

You know that scene in the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the Grinch steals that little car and rides around in it. I just got a mental image of doing basically that with a Gnome (sit on its shoulders with your knees pulled up to your chin so your feet/hooves don't touch the ground). They should add this. Tauren and Draenei should ride only this.
07/29/2013 01:21 PMPosted by Kazeijin
If every single mob ingame had a .1% chance of dropping a mount version of itself, where is the first place you'd go to farm


*eye twitch*

I don't have a mount problem! I swear!
giraffe in the barrens :D
Cmere Arthas...
Do we have to kill them?

As a druid, I want an ancient mount (of Lore and of War, maybe a tree of eternity), but it goes against the druid code to kill them.
Maybe a keeper of the grove too... i'd be in mauradon all the time!
I'm surprised nobody's said "The Orphanage" yet.
Sorry, my priest is banned from the forums.

The ability to mount an abyssal roughly the size of a small continent seems fun.
I'm surprised nobody's said "The Orphanage" yet.

You can't kill children NPCs in WoW anymore.
Some female blood elf, as alike looking to Spring as possible.
07/29/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Advicetroll
I'm surprised nobody's said "The Orphanage" yet.
Sorry, my priest is banned from the forums.

Speaking of... I remember running into 2 priests levelling together back in Wrath with the names "Pedo" and "Phile". Kind've hilarious to see and I had to applaud their ingenuity at getting around the naming conventions.
Keristraza. I've wanted a mount that looked like her since I first laid eyes on her.
I'm surprised nobody's said "The Orphanage" yet.

Says the priest...
I'd be farming vermin like a mad man.
Northern Barrens -- I want zhevra mount.
If I killed a Goblin, I'd probably automatically delete the mount.

But I'd really want an ogre for a mount, just a big guy carrying me around.
You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.

Whale Shark.

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