If EVERY single mob dropped a mount

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If every single mob ingame had a .1% chance of dropping a mount version of itself, where is the first place you'd go to farm, or what would you hope would drop (if its a mob that can't be farmed such as raid bosses due to week lockout).

Any mob, from rabbits to sha of anger. What reins would you go after?

quick edit: no this isn't a "ples blisard make it hapen" thread, this is just for fun :P

I'd have to stop playing because I'd go crazy. Literally have no idea where to go, what mob to farm, wonder if I'm missing my chance for a mount on another mob. Like world drops, if I tried to farm them I'd freak out. Thankfully I don't care about them, but I care about mounts.

Tossup between Ysera and Azuregos for me. Any of the aspects or larger draconic bosses are pretty but dragon seems overdone so gonna have to think of a non dragon.


I'd go to Howling Fjord and farm the Fjord Worgs already got the battle pet would be cool to get a mount too.
A Val'kyr. I would mount a Val'kyr.
I'd farm the hell out of Ony.

Infinite Dragonflight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been wanting one since TBC Old Hillsbrad. Now Id take the updated Murozond model though^_^.
So many choices....

Probably Arthas. Nothing says "I kicked your sorry behind" more than riding him about like a pony in victory.
I'd kill Lord Rhyolith...
I'd be camping the Pit Commander at the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula.
The cow massacre would begin forthwith.
I'd have to go for murlocs....

Not only would I get countless hours of enjoyment from killing them! But I would -eventually- get an awesome mount.

The Goblin Starting Zone.

I want that car...
Full size deathwing mount

Or perhaps a female centaur.

>.> <.<

If any npc could drop a mount... I'd have to choose... Illidan. He'd drop a baby dragon with the wings of illidan, and as time goes your mount becomes an adult from a baby, and it will have many different model changes. As the baby dragon, it'd be a pet, then as medium size you could ride, then at adult stage it would reach its final model.

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