If EVERY single mob dropped a mount

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yogg-saron. I want a mini-yogg mount.
yogg-saron. I want a mini-yogg mount.

Blue already implied that they won't be sized to your size.

My Gods, that means I could get a Deathwing size mount, Deathwing size!
Any type of Gnome. Pygmy Gnome, Gnomeregan Gnome, Dun Morough Gnome, Ironforge Gnome, Isle of Thunder Gnome, Sha Gnome, Garrosh Fan Boy Gnome....
You get my point.
Damnit, so many choices..

Hmmm. I would just go crazy trying to decide I think.

If humanoids weren't exempt then I'd pick the area with the most harpies and start there maybe.

Edit: wait, if they don't resize then harpy might not be a good choice. Umm. Where is somewhere where I can kill male blood elves as a hordie *thinking hard face*
Echo Isles for my gold inlaid, troll drawn chariot. Oh and an extra troll to stand in the chariot with me and hold a parasol over my head.
If I killed a Goblin, I'd probably automatically delete the mount.

But I'd really want an ogre for a mount, just a big guy carrying me around.

That would be nice...
A "Hodor" style mount!!!!
Everyone else already made the more obvious jokes, so I'd go with that Val'kyr miniboss from ICC.

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of mortals like an enormous winged woman with a tauren on her back.
Any of the alliance leaders would make a great mount!
Easy. Avatar of Hakkar. In Sunken Temple.

I also want a pet version, and have for years. They finally added a pet-sized mini version, but it's undead! (And skinnable, no sense does it make.)

If we even get Dark Rangers, they need to be able to tame Undead and beasts, so i can finally get my mini Avatar of Hakkar pet.
Durn the Hungerer

Back when he had his old size in B.C

Second thought just Gruul the Dragonkiller. just increase in size the longer you stay on your mount.
Varessa Windrunner. I'll ride her all day =D
those centaur things like Mylune is.
Those leper gnomes would make a lousy mount
I'd stay in the forest, killing boars...
Sucks that there is no mob called "Your mom". I'd ride that all day. ;)
I've thought about something like this before. Mobs that are at least rideable should have small chance like .1% chance to drop a mount that looks just like them. Not armored or anything special just you know bigger than say a normal one that you are killing. I really want a shoveltusk mount tbh.
Those leper gnomes would make a lousy mount

Scrap that one and burn the blueprints.
One of the Emerald dream Dragons
My new mount?


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