Realm/Log in Issues - 8/5

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I got back in but lost the group I was in for outlands dungeon on my alt. Also a friend of mine on real ID told me the same thing is going on with Korialstrasz too. Looks like it's happening to most all of the servers. Hope it gets fix b4 tomorrow I don't want to miss my raid nights >.<
My characters on Blackwater Raiders and my death knight on Moon Guard are back to their usual selves. Thank you. Good luck to those still having trouble.
argent dawn is down aswell stuck on loading screen
I don't think any one is going to lose there alts due to this log out do something else give bliz time to fix it
I am not super worried since lots of people are having this problem, and if something were to delete our characters then Blizz would lose tons of subscribers and everything would be over. I just kinda want to play soon with all my progress still there because I was trying to get to 90 with the week left I have before I start 8th grade and have less time to play. Sorry for typing an essay, just hope this gets sorted out soon and everything is okay.
Could you guys move Autöshot (148) -Thrall to a main city or something, i was zoning into an instance and now i cant log in. This character has all of my heirlooms. Please and thank you!
Yeah, that is a good idea... Can you put Eversancette @ Cenarion Circle in a main city? That would be really relieving for me. If you have to put me back where I was before the dungeon loading screen, that is fine too. I think I was in Vashj'ir. Anyways, as long as I can get her to places its fine with me.
Nevermind. Got it working. Thank god.
I'm guessing they're still working on it. I've lost access to every character on my account.

Good luck server techs! We'll be rooting for you!
Didn't blizz JUST have this issue last week or something? Could it be for the same reasons? because I remember the SAME issue, down to each detail I am reading about right now.
I can log onto my alts that are in SW, but the ones I left at Half hill on my farm won't log on, gets to 90% then disconnects me.

Bugger me, I ported my alt to panda land now it gets to 90% log on and disconnects. :)
Now, all my alts ( all 11 of them ) will not log on at all. There all level 90, 10 In panda land and 1 in Org.
Scarlet Monastery (normal 5man)-Aggramar caused me this problem. Only stuck on my paladin and the four or so new characters i created because I wanted to reserve the name basically lol but afraid to que for anything for the fear of another character sharing the same fate. I believe my paladin being kicked just might solve the problem as it shows he is online in guild. Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll get a reply *crosses fingers*
I have 2 characters trapped in limbo on Dawnbringer.

Monk when zoning to Darnassus from the Shieldwall portal guy for the quest.

Hunter when zoning to Shattrath from the Shrine.

Was trying to finish out the last bit of LFR on my monk, but yeah that isn't going to happen before reset.
It will be fixed while they doing maintenance, is it? Mine was locked when teleport'ed out of dungeon D:
I just tried logging in. Mine says "Another character with that name already exsists". Hope the scheduled maintenance fixes it.

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