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My friends just convinced me to come back and I've never leveled a warrior over 20 so I've decided to stick with it and give it a go. I was torn between pally and warrior but I've chosen warrior. I'm looking strictly from a DPS standpoint which would be the best spec in 5.4 fury or arms warrior? Any input would be great.

Its really self preference now. My main is a warrior I started van/bc.. I play arms because i pvp mainly and its more mobile , Fury has always been the dps pve spec, I have been out of the pve loop lately .. so mop I dont really know, but seems most are trying fury again , start of mop arms was killer for both. arms takes less rage to start, and less hit cap then fury , but fury 2 weapons etc when done right should bypass arms numbers .depends what you want to do .
I play as arms currently but have used fury in the past. I very rarely ever do pve stuff so I can't help you with that. But for pvp arms is doing very well in my experience.

This is my latest video and I have a few other arms videos from the last few weeks if you want to get an idea of the potential effectiveness in a pvp setting.

For PvE you want to go Fury, the DPS on arms is about 5k lower on average then fury. Also if you do choose to go fury single minded fury (dual wielding one handers) clocks out more overall damage than titan's grip (dual wielding two handers), but the difference is really not that great so its more personal preference there.
Arms = aoe advantage Fury = single target advantage
11/13/2013 05:47 AMPosted by Sylandryal
Arms = aoe advantage Fury = single target advantage

I get the feeling he's probably already decided.

Considering this thread is three months old.
Fury 2h has best dps at the moment. Do what you like the best is the typical answer but I like doing the higher dps per toon. Fury is fun to play but limited on heals.

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