[A] Wiping is for Bathrooms

Shattered Hand
Looking to start up again and get into progression raiding. Please whisper either myself or Terrinn in-game for information or leave a message here and one of us will reply.

We would like to have a core 10-Man group prepared for the start of 5.4, however, with the state that SH Alliance is currently in, I find this notion to be highly unlikely. Regardless, we would still like to begin the search for members in order to find a group of dedicated raiders.

Raid nights are not set in stone as of yet, but they will more than likely be along the lines of Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, 8pm-11pm.

Myself, Terrinn and Oddball also love running old raid instances on off nights, so if that is something you are into, please, join up.

As of now we are looking for any and all classes.

Terrinn will haze you. Hardcore. Like, literally. He will make you cry. And that's initiation. That, and years of verbal abuse from him.

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