Trying for my first raid team soon, need help

Okay, so I'm trying to get in a raid team in my guild. That being said, I know my DPS rotation well, but other than that, what other aspects should I hone to make myself stand out? Dumping my selfless healer procs? Hands? Any tips would be great. And yes I need to get my ilvl up, working on it.

Good communication with the raid leader and others is important;

Know when to use Devotion Aura for heavy raid magic damage. Especially if there are other pallys in the raid since the aura's don't stack.

I like to save my SH procs for emergencies. I usually keep an eye on healers/tanks just in case of a big damage spike.

Remember Hand of Sacrifice has a magic dispel for Rat Pallys. If your healers aren't dispelling, or can't, feel free to save someone from a Lightning Prison. Also, be careful when using on tanks.

Don't be afraid to liberally use Divine Protection. The cooldown isn't too long and it will help your healers out when they don't have to heal you as much.

Oh, and know how to weave your damage CDs together effectively. You are using Sanctified Wrath, so you can pop Guardian and Avenging Wrath pretty much at the same time. (I usually pop Guardian slightly early to make sure Ancient fury benefits from Avenging Wrath.)
Assuming you're not getting into ToT straight up, but for when you do:

Personally I run SS instead of Selfless healer, but it's all preference...
All I can tell you is research, research, research the more you know about your class and boss encounters the better it will be for you. Communication is HUGE also stuff like not standing in fire, not dying to stupid, using your hand of X abilities when they are required and all importantly doing your job right, you may not top dps, but it's better to get your job done than wipe because dead dps is no dps.
These are the things I look for in our melee trials (+class related-)

For T14 encounters I'd recommend watching the guides Fatboss have so you know the mechanics, nothing worse than a raider who has no idea what's going on and wings every fight.

Good luck with finding a raid group :D If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I'd be more than happy to help.
Let your armory show you know how to and care to enchant with the best enchants, gem appropriately, understand your talents and glyphs and when to switch, and reforge appropriately for raids.

Also, get your professions maxed. Personally I'd drop mining and go with another stat bonus profession for your main raiding toon. Perhaps enchanting?
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Remember Hand of Sacrifice has a magic dispel for Rat Pallys.

Be wary of that dispel, though; sometimes healers are not dispelling for a reason - Cinders on Megaera and Matter Swap on Dark Animus come to mind.

I, personally, do recommend becoming familiar and comfortable with the Paladin's staggering amount of utility. Slapping Hands around the raid may eat precious globals for DPS, but it can make-or-break a kill. My advice on this would be to pay particular attention to healers, as they sometimes get so focused on healing others that they neglect themselves.

On the gear side, you definitely still need a lot of work. Do Isle of Thunder dailies every day and try to kill rares out there to get Keys to the Palace of Lei Shen, as that will grant you access to a solo scenario which rewards you with loads of Elder Charms of Good Fortune - the coin used to get bonus rolls in T14 content. That way you can run T14 LFRs multiple times a week and (re)coin the bosses you need to to help farm gear.
Enchants and gems! Be sure you're properly prepped with those before even thinking about raiding. Unless you're numbers-friendly to run your own spreadsheets for it, go ahead and use Mr. Robot to get a general idea of how you should be gemming, enchanting, and reforging. Since you've still got some blue and green pieces, I wouldn't stress on getting the expensive enchants (unless you're loaded, hah). But do get meaningful enchants (like maybe instead of a +300 STR, pick up a +Haste).

I've noticed you're upgrading some of your gear, which is fine if you're trying to get that little bit of help getting to an ilvl to unlock LFRs or Scenarios. But in general, I'd wait and save the VP to buy new gear upgrades from the VP Vendor. Unlocking these upgrades require you to have certain reputation from some places, so you'll have to spend some time to do that. Use the VP to upgrade them using the item upgrader when you get ToT LFR loot or 500+ pieces.

Additionally, work on getting the Northern Barrens campaign if you haven't already. Doing these every week gives you a decent chance to drop armor pieces which you can turn into 489 gear with the Mojo you can get every week.

As far as actual raiding goes, you're going to want to research as much as you can. Be like me and write sticky-notes and stick them to the sides of your screen for easy reference. Note down important things like "Oh, I need to make sure to drop Pheromones at x stacks" or "Use Devotion Aura on the xth Stomp." Also, figure out the best times to use your cooldowns. Sometimes it's best to wait until the boss has some kind of debuff mechanic where they will take an x% more damage, or when your group is going to bloodlust. Time your cooldowns accordingly in order to push them as much as possible throughout the whole fght. Be very vocal with your group (unlike me), and always ask questions if you're unsure about something.

Find raid-friendly addons:
-Damage meters like Skada are cool and nifty and stuff, but don't help as often as you'd think. Don't use it to gauge how good/bad you're doing against others, just look at your own DPS and try your best to make that a bigger number rather than stomping over others. If competition helps, then just don't be a %*#@!!%# about it (obviously).
-WeakAuras! I love this thing. I make a WeakAura for just about anything I have on my action bars. Make it tell you when your Judgement is up. Make it tell you when you're at full Holy Power. Make it tell you that you're Divine Shield is up. Do you have a really cool Trinket proc that gives you a bajillion Strength for two seconds? Make it tell you when that's up to so you can smash faces in!
-DBM. Idk. I always assume everyone has it on when they're going to raid, but you'd be surprised who doesn't have some kind of altering macro. It just helps if the rest of your group uses it, and the raid leader wants to use some kind of DBM raid warning function. And it also has arrows sometimes, which is cool when you're about to be attacked by Attenuation and you read "left" but your fingers say "right." You just don't have that time to look down and figure out which hand makes the "L" shape.

FINALLY. Have fun. Raiding is great, but you will get those points where you're bashing your head in for 3 hours trying to down a boss with no avail. This doesn't mean you suck, it just means you need to do some research! Spend maybe half an hour looking through forums because I'm positive you're not the only person with this problem. Maybe there's a trick you can do with HoP or maybe you should be using Devotion Aura at a certain time to help out; you just won't know until you find out. Watch videos, figure out a couple numbers. Come back in the next day and get your game face on to whoop some mantid behind!
Thanks guys, just a couple clarifications if you're wondering.

My upgrades were just so I could get into HoF LfR yesterday
I'm waiting to gem until I know what gear I'll be going into the tryout with.

Thank you so much for the advice.
Tier you should gem/enchant, anyway, unless you're expecting to get into LFR ToT soon - and even then, you should still do it as 2pT14 is still quite strong, and you want to keep it until you can transition into 4pT15.
Kissing some !@# never hurts.
Ugh. They surprised me and had the thing yesterday. (Was supposed to be next Monday)
Didn't have time to reforge or finish gemming. We went to MSV, I died second most (though I had the worst gear) flipped out and did the wrong thing on garajal and caused a wipe. However, I did more damage and DPS than a couple in the group that had Ilvls 10-20 above mine, managed my CDs well, and really only died from taking too much unavoidable damage as opposed to standing in bad. We also only had one tank and two healers, so I think I did okay. I'll just have to work harder in the second half to seal the deal.
Upside, you've at least gotten a decent helmet - so grats on that!
Get rsa, its a handy add-on that broadcast what cds your using... a lot of things you do such as using HoS or salving a bursty dps can go unnoticed. Rsa wil ensure that both the raid group knows what you are doing and will hold you accountable for spells you are supposed to cast (devo aura).
There are two things you need to master:

a) Bop your rogues when they pop shadow blades and
b) Bop your warriors when you see in chat "Skull banner placed" or boss in execute range.

Mastering the above two, is essential in order to be accepted in the order of the light.
Mastering the above two, is essential in order to be accepted in the order of the light.

WARNING: May also result in immediate /gkick - follow at own risk!
If you don't already have it (every guild should make it mandatory for raiders) get the addon DBM or another boss mod addon. These are essential to effective raiding. I also like GTFO (a warning for when you are standing in bad stuff). I recommend CLCRET to all the ret pallys in my guild (rotation helper that you can modify). You don't really need it now, but when you guys get to Horridon you will need Decursive to quickly cleanse poison and disease. You should also get Omen, because if you pop AW and GoAK at the start of a fight, you could possibly out-aggro the tanks.

As others have said, keep your t14 2p until you get ready to drop it for you t15 4p (I'm going to miss that set bonus so much).

Keep in mind that our class is very gear dependent, but we can dominate. If your raid has a lot of high dps players already, then you may want to focus more on utility, but once you gear up you will probably top your dps charts, making you want to focus on dpsing more and utility less (unless you need to fill a hole, like cleansing during Horridon).

Also, your raid group will always need 2 tanks (I have no idea how you beat the stone guardians with only one tank) and probably 3 healers (unless your healers are either geared or you have two monks). My raid group only goes 2 heals for farming.

In summary, get those addons, keep gearing up through lfr while your raid isn't raiding and crack skulls.
Ok, a few suggestions.

  • 1. Fully gem and enchant your gear with the best available gems and enchants. At your ilvl as a general rule, you can use str/haste in red, haste in yellow and either haste/hit or str/haste in blue. Dont use the fact that you are not in full epics as an excuse to not gem/enchant the gear. Even though you will soon replace it, it is still worth properly gemming and enchanting. Being lazy/cheap is no way to impress your raid leader ;)
  • 2. Fill your last major glyph socket. I would recomend Double Jeopardy, Mass Exorcism, and Templar's Verdict.
  • 3. Try out reforging, it's amazing! Try to reforge your gear for 7.5% hit and expertise, then go for haste. I would recomend the Reforgelite addon for this.
  • 4. Max out atleast blacksmithing. The extra sockets from it are awesome
  • 5. Come to raid prepared. Have all your consumables if your guild doesnt provide them. This includes proper food, flask, and potions. Have well fed and flask buff before each pull and make sure they wont fall of mid fight. Try to pre pot if you can, this is easily done if your raid uses a dbm pull timer. Also, coming prepared can also mean knowing the fights ahead of time, and even if this isn't required it wont hurt you to be ahead of the game.
  • 6. If you dont already have them, grab DBM, Recount/Skada, and CLCret. DBM should be required for all raiders. Recount/Skada have lots of usful information you can see. CLCret will help you learn/keep track of your rotation. CLCret will display on screen what ability to use now, as well as the next one, and blindly following this will produce decent/acceptable dps. Once you are a master of ret basics, you wont need that addon and you can increase your dps by timeing inq better and not focusing all your attention on one addon, but for just starting out it's great. Other addons are helpful too, grab a few that look good and try them out, you can always remove the ones you do not like.
  • 7. Burst DPS is where it is at for Ret. Using your CDs properly is a big part. On a fight w/o any mechanics that increase your damage you will want to pop guardian at the start of the encounter while your pre-pot is still up. Then after 10 seconds you will use wings+holy avenger(if you talented this)+ on use trinket. This should also overlap with lust/tw and you can watch your dps skyrocket. On a short fight you wont get guardian a second time so just use wings on cd. For a longer fight, keep using wings on cd but try to have it line up with your second guardian the same way you did off the pull, use your second pot and gg. For fights with damage increase mechanics use your cds the same way but, save them when you have the damage increase.

EDIT: For talent choice I have a few recomendations. For tier 1 I would pick speed of light. Although that passive speed inc is really nice, speed of light gives you on demand speed increase which is more valuable in a raid. For Tier 2 if your group needs the CC then repentence is the way to go, if not id pick fist of justice. For tier 3, selfless healer is nice so you can help out healing, but this takes up a GCD every 3 judgements to be of full effect. Those GCDs could be better spent, as you are not a healer and your job is dealing as much damage as possible. Id recomend picking Sacred Shield and keeping it up on yourself only whenever you have down time in your rotation (Unfortunatly at your ilvl, you will have down time in your rotation). Tier 4 is hands down Unbreakable Spirit for ret, unless your raid needs extra Hand of Protections or Hand of Sacrifices for a specific encounter. Tier 5 is a good tier, all 3 produce good dps, SW sims the highest by a little followed by HA then DP. I personally choose HA because it is more fun imo and only a minor DPS lose, but SW is the superior choice. If random procs are your thing then DP is a good choice too. Tier 6 is almost always ES, but for a fight with alot of adds (like 4+ that are close together and going to live for the whole duration) then lights hammer would beat this in dps.

Hope this helps you, and if you need more in depth help, link a WoL with a few encounters you did.

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