Pally gear for challenge mode?

So i've been looking into trying to go for 9/9 gold challenge mode. I haven't saw a good pally gear set unfortunately. So i was wondering if i could have any suggestion for any gear i should go for, or a link to someones armory with a good armor set. The only thing i've seen as the best are the two trinkets, fable feathers, and the shado-pan trinket. Any help is welcomed :p
Spark of zandalar
In challenge modes, the stats on all your gear are reduced to the equivalent of 463 ilevel. So any gear better than that will be sufficient. It'll be better if you have more gem sockets, since gem stats aren't accounted for. But tier bonuses don't work in challenge modes, so don't sweat about that.
08/04/2013 09:15 AMPosted by Sigrún
since gem stats aren't accounted for.

I'm fairly certain they are, actually. However they do offer more optimized stat allocation.
I was maybe 520 item level and I didn't change a thing. Our group was not even the best it could have been for CM and we did just fine. Got all 9/9 gold in about a week. Trinkets were spark of zandalar and shadowpan 522 trinket

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