Buying Bling-Bons!

Moon Guard
Hey guys! Somewhat silly post here, but If anybody has any Bling-Bons just sitting around, I will buy them from you for 80 gold a piece! You make an entire 5 gold compared to vendoring it!

Well, I guess it's more like 4 gold 99 silvers and 70 copper, but still! :P

In any case, if you have any, please send them to Zerrahki via C.O.D.! Thank you very much!
Is there an alliance-side we can C.O.D. these to as well?
Bah, I vendored some of those just today :(

Good luck!
No Alliance side alts, sadly. I do apologize! :(

Thank you Reg, I have very evil plans for these Bling-Bons. Evil plans indeed. >:)
I knew you were up to no good. I knew it.
Oh noes, I have been figured out! D:
More Bling-Bons, please :). Thanks to those of you that have sent some already!
Mornin' Moon Guard :). I am still looking for every and all Bling-Bon you may have. Well, if they are Horde side that is! :P
No Bling-Bons for you!
Final post for every and all Bling-Bons! Upping the bounty to 90 whole golds, oh my gosh! :) Thanks a ton to everyone that has sent some. I have close to 50 now!

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