Ret Paladin question

I had the Greatsword of Frozen Hells and am wondering if I should use it or the Immaculate Pandaren Greatsword of the Earthshaker. There is a definate damage increase(478) a strength increase of 211 and stam increase of 196. I'm wondering if those stats are worth losing about 1100 Haste
Assuming that's the LFR Frozen Hells you're comparing, yes, definitely use the 516. The advantage in weapon DPS overwhelms the difference from less-than-ideal itemization.
Sadly, the Pandaren Greatsword wins due to top-end damage. Pretty much everything in our core rotation except Exorcism and Censure scales with weapon damage. I had to replace my LFR Frozen Hells with a normal Zerat which makes controlling my hit rating a pain in the ass, but the increased damage was worth it.

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