Banking solved thru Venders and other trix.

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Banking solved thru Venders and other trix.

The following are ideas that will Fix the banking problems without adding more bank space. It will ease the general population and Make wow players less likely to feel they need to horde items.

***Idea number 1) In each zone designate a pre-existing NPC to become a vender. This NPC will sell all items that are obtained thru questing in that zone. The items will be available for re-purchace if the player has previously completed that quest and is 10 levels above the required level for that gear. This should insure that the gear is only used for transmog. Jewlery and trinkets will not be sold by this vender, the vender will only carry vanity items and gear that can be transmoged. The price of the gear should be the amount the peice was sold for and the amount you got from the quest added together then doubled.

What this does: This will allow anyone who has ever saved a quested peice to delete it. The peice will now be saved for you on the vender. You will be allowed to re-purchace it at any time. This will allow all old players to re-purchace items that where deleted long before the idea of transmoging came. Each new expantion now comes out with a color story per zone and unique weaponary that is quest only, these venders will ensure banks do not get filled at the opening of each expantion.

***Idea Number 2) The lucky mojo vender. This vender will sell the following:

1) The mojo potion of armor: This Potion will only work when soloing, It will increase the drop rate of your armor type by 30 percent.
2) The Mojo Potion of weapons: This potion will only work when soloing, it will increase the drop rate of all available weapons by 30 percent.
3) The Mojo cauldren of the blingless: This will exclude all rings, necklaces and trinkets from the loot list of any raid 10 levels below you.

What this does: It allows you to re-farm older sets in less time. This will free people to delete these sets from their bank. As new armor is made and added the older less time consumeing items to farm can now be deleted with relive ease that they can be re-obtained quickly.

***Idea Number 3) Utilizeing The Black market auction house. Use this to sell Transmoging items that have been removed from the loot tables. NOT only teir 3. The priceing should now be 5 grand or below and should include the following items.

1) The missing belt and boots to the teir 4 pvp look alike armor.
2) All frost armor peices from the old naxx raid, with focus on the gloves and legs.
3) No longer obtainable pvp armor color waves.
4) Random peices of vanilla gear that are currenly only available to NPC's.
5) The Belts and boots to all LK pvp gear. They can drop in VoA but have drop rates so low they require a 2nd source.

What this does: this takes a now useless NPC and makes you want to visit her. This allows people to complete sets. Ideally Blizzard should take all items it removes from the general loot table and randomly funnel them to here. If blizzard is good about this the community will be eased and no longer hold on to these items as tightly because there now is a way they can re-obtain them.

***Idea Number 4) Make all Holiday items Bind to account. These items have a rare drop rate and usually only drop for alts that can not use them. Haveing to sell a item you want on another toon is not a prize its a annoyance. We already get annoyed enough by real holidays WoW should be kinder.

What this does: This makes us look forward to a holiday. This allows us to channel our holiday items to alts who are drowning in bank space.

***Idea Number 5) Vanity items with a effect should be removed from inventorys and place into a account wide system that resembles the system mounts and pets are currently under.

What this does: It allows all your char's to utilize these cool little things that make the game fun. It Also free's up bag space for several people.

***Idea Number 6) Make Food and Most materials stackable to 100.

These 6 ideas if Added to the game should allow the influx of new gear without calling for more bank space season after season. Any player who is practical with what they save should be able to have enough available bank space to fill their needs. Currently As this game stands the storage space is not expanding with the incoming items. Older Players are suffering the most by this, usually getting called hoarders every time they do ask for more space.

*** As a bonus I think that Players should recieve a bank slot for every year they have been playing as a reward for costumer loyalty. If you put ideas 1-6 into effect they will most likely not need it but regardless it would be a kind gesture to the community that supports you.

Take a look thru your mains bank space now and see how much room this will get for you. You would be surpized. Also if you have Mogit, Take a look and see how many new outfits this will get for you. :P

Now, that I've read the OP fully.

I like ideas 1, 3 and 5. Especially idea 1.
Idea number 1: Should also encourage more players to complete all the quest in a zone without fear of deleting something they can not get again.

I can't tell you how many of my alts hold back from questing because of this. It ruins game play.
These are really good idea's, I hope this post does not fall away.
I heartily support all of these ideas, especially the first one, which should include vendors in the cities to take care of old class quest items.
Blizzard did in a way feed this problem by making separate color storys for every zone and adding in 100 different vanity items that where impossible once gotten to ever re-obtain.
LOL I could post demanding dreanei girls have horn bling and I could get 6 pages and a blue blizzard tab by now. Maybe even a few MVP comments too.

But a good idea gets ignored to death.
my god its logic....quick kill it dead!
Please listen to these idea's. I really really think they could help.
HI MARGI!!! Good ideas :D
These are really good ideas!!
Wow, I really like these! The only one I'd see a problem with is the 'increased drop rate potions', given Blizzard had a two-in-one in giving us something cool AND getting us out in the world in farming old raids. But omg, the zone vendor? The vanity item tab? DO WANT! I can't tell you how many times I've gone through Wowhead or the Model Viewer, found the perfect item to match the kit I'm making, and then discovered that it's only available from a quest I did ages and and tossed the item because I didn't want it at the time. Not to mention the bank space taken up by quest rewards that I don't dare toss because they're absolutely unique!
I like the way you think OP. My favorite though is number 1 as there's already a precedent for this. There's a vendor in the Death Knight ziggurat in Eastern Plauglands that sell the Death Knight quest rewards (armor, weapons and whatnot).
Hmm, a genuinely constructive post.

The potions would not increase normal drop rate of items they would simply make it so that your type of armor had a better chance of dropping.. AKA if your farming a BC set it would be nice if you had this potion for the heroic dungens, since you can only do one a day.

BTW heroic dungens should be repeatable if they are 10 levels or lower.
I like the way you think OP. My favorite though is number 1 as there's already a precedent for this. There's a vendor in the Death Knight ziggurat in Eastern Plauglands that sell the Death Knight quest rewards (armor, weapons and whatnot).

I wonder why they gave deathknights this option in the first place?
Perhaps number 1 would be easier to implement if the quest giver gave the option to buy back the item after all their quest where completed.

ask the quest giver: I have lost my "insert item name here" May I buy it back?

kinda like what the talbard vender will do for you.
While I like #1... not sure how that saves bank space.. Once you buy back the item.. you still have to store it somewhere.. so in reality, no bank space is saved.
Searc it saves space by giving the the option not to have to store it. The item will always be on the vender when you want to use it again. IF you have collected items from quests and kept them in your inventory you know these items build up and can not be destroyed and replaced a year later when you need them.

With idea number 1 in place you can now buy back the item when you want it for a mog and sell it for space when you are not using it. yes you would be down gold, it is sorta a money pit. But you definatly have the option to make more space with this.

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