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So just a thought there, how about you (Blizzard) give us some more bag space before you throw more and more and more vanity items at us....this is beyond ridiculous. For example, how about you create a tab in the UI that lets you "learn" a piece of gear. Once this piece of gear is "learned" it leaves your bags forever but can then be used at anytime for transmog purposes if you go see the transmog ethereal trader.

Only the type of gear that is worn by your class would be able to be learned by said class, so warriors only would be able to learn plate gear and priests would only be able to learn cloth gear and so on. This tab could also include a list of all of that type of plate/cloth/leather/mail gear so you know what you're currently missing and when you learn a piece of gear it then just colors that space in, similar to the current pet tab in the UI. Also when new gear is added to the game say from a raid or an instance, it then gets added to the Transmog Item Tab (not usable until obtained and learned of course). Weapons would of course also have to be included in all of this.

This suggestion would clear TONS of bag space from A LOT of players banks/void storage in WoW and we would then no longer need to worry so much about getting more space. We would also no longer need to get rid of any transmog gear that we may want to use in the future. Let me know what you think.

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