Should i just buy a weapon?

Ok, so I've spent like 12 bonus rolls on ToT and way more than i can remember on TES trying to get a better weapon for my ret spec (main spec, just logged out as holy). Im rocking a 471...

Should I just get bloodmoon for 24k?
Have you been running ToES and coining Sha, still, for the axe? The drop rates for T14 LFR gear was "drastically" increased, and you can run it as many times as you like to feed coins to Sha - and you can get more coins from the solo scenario Troves of the Thunder King, accessible via the Key to Lei Shen's Palace which drops on Isle of Thunder. I see you have access to the legendary stat gem, be a shame not to be able to use it, even if only for a little while.
I know that, i've spent 25+ elder charms on just sha in hopes for the weapon...
And yeah... would suck not to use it even if it was just a week, lol.
As long as you won't be seriously upset at the "wasted" gold if you do happen to get a weapon soon after buying it, I say go ahead and get the Bloodmoon. It's a huge upgrade over a 471, and you won't find anything much better this tier unless you happen to luck into a 516 weapon from a heroic scenario.
Why are you not getting a tyrannical weapon for free....
Why are you not getting a tyrannical weapon for free....

Don't the weapons have a rating requirement? Or was that already removed?
Tyrannical weapons don't have rating requirements anymore, so it's a good stopgap option if you don't mind a few hours of arena.
They have a conquest-earned requirement when a season starts, but in the mid-season patch that requirement now gets removed. You need to win ~20 arena games, ~10 RBG wins, or ~20-30 RBG losses and you have enough points to get one now.
Oh sheee, how come didn't i think of that haha. Thx for the advice :D
Ah, that's interesting. Last time I checked they still did and I never bothered to look again. :U May be something to consider for alts.
If your ilevel is high enough set your spec to ret and do the heroic scenario everyday. Might have better luck.....
I feel for you, i killed that bird thing in ToT more times than i can count (says 17 times but i know it was more than that with coins ect ) for the trinket and have just given up on it. I still use lfr for the lvl 600 cape items i need but thats the only reason i run it now.

Make sure you are doing a Heroic scenario every day. I got mine 516 that way and upgraded it twice.

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