Soloing old bosses as ret - need help plz

I am trying to solo some old content as ret for mounts and transmog and failing. Based on guides and videos I think I should be able to burst DPS and survive better than I am - can anyone give me advice on how to best use my abilities?

Right now I am using the Icy Veins approach:

1) Start with Execution Sentence
2) Crusader Strike, Judgement, and Exorcism to build Holy Power
3) Templar's Verdict when I am at 3 Holy Power
4) Cast Holy Light when Selfless Healer stacks 3 times for instant self heal
5) Keep Divine Protection up whenever it is available
6) Use Avenging Wrath and Guardian of Ancient King's to burst damage on cooldown

What can I do better? I struggle to solo any WotLK bosses - even on 10 man normal. I think I should be able to solo Naxx at least, right?

Thanks for any advice.
Get better gear, reforge it, enchant it, gem it.

Other than using CLCret for dps, That's about the only advice that's useful.
Use Seal of Insight.

And like Ritalynn said, gear up. I can solo several bosses now, at ilvl ~520, that I couldn't solo at ilvl ~500, and several more that I couldn't do at ~470, and so on. More fights than you might think are essentially just brute-force checks.
Ah - ty - I thought my iLevel was decent. Will go get more stuff :)

There is a poster on YouTube that posts lots of solo ret videos up through icc10 heroic.

They are really useful.

Better gear, gems, buff food, etc

Sacred shield is better for most fights, but he gives a lot of good strats for harder bosses.
You didn't mention Inquisition. Keep that on at all times and it'll buff your holy damage (which is most of your damage) by 30%.

Going as prot might help you survive better, even if it takes longer to kill things. But for anything below a Wrath raid you should have everything dead as ret before they do any decent damage to you.
Maintaining Inq is kind of a given, though, since it's part of normal rotation.
Are you using damaging cooldowns? Using Execution Sentence with wings, trinkets, and GoAK is a much better idea than popping it first thing.
I can't check your armoury, but be sure to use Holy Avenger for soloing old bosses. It absolutely melts old bosses when combined with wings/guardian.

Which bosses are you having an issue with?

Had a small issue with the Ar !@#$ battle in ICC. It's doable, just sucks when you have to be two places at once pretty much always.

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