Critique my Gear

I'm not having trouble in PvP, i've been doing well actually. However, there's always room for improvement, and there's no greater way to improve than to take criticism from others.

Other than the 2 enchants im missing (i'll be buying them today) what about my gear should be changed?

This is for Ret.
I'd recommend Shattered Wild Jade in your blue gem slots.

I personally use Fierce Vermilion Onyx in red gem slots.

and, uh, get more Tyrannical. But you knew that one.
What I have on right now is about standard for arenas burst comps, run Dancing Steel against non disarm comps. Also some run with Relic of Xuen instead of the proc trinket but I have limited funds so I don't.

Don't stack stamina, if you're getting trained, use Tyrannical Primal Diamond and resilience chest enchant. Even with the 5.3 changes, resilience is still better effective hp than stamina.
Way better gems for blue slots that will help more then a stamina one!

And your strength Gem is a Cata one, try upgrading that one my friend!

Stats are looking good, little more Strength then haste and some good mastery!

I would play around with some different glyphs and see what you find. I personally find i never use word of glory on anyone but myself and constantly remembering to switch targets for every other judgment. But that's just me XD

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