Brewmaster's in 5.4

With the changes to vengeance, the keg smash nerf, and apparently a fix to some abilities vengeance scaling (which I'm also guessing is a nerf-fix) what is brewmaster tanking dps in 5.4? Are we still wrecking machines or do we mostly sit in line with the other tanks now?
Too soon to tell, probably. Obviously less than before, but we were so far ahead, that I imagine we'll still be very high and top amongst tanks.
The ability scaling change is a shift directly dependent upon our weapon quality and AP values. In effect, it is an increase to our base damage and a decrease to our high-vengeance scaling. The current net change is around a 6.24% damage loss for our non-KS spells and a 10.28% loss to Keg Smash damage, assuming 300k total AP and a 549 2h weapon.
The overall loss to dps is ultimately dependent upon the encounter, but may reasonably be as much as an 11% total nerf. At present Brewmaster average dps values on Raidbots top 100 parses are ~12% higher than Protection Paladins (who are #2) in both 10-H and 25-H.
Are your vengeance scaling figures and conclusion also accounting for the flat 18% keg smash damage reduction?

I get the feeling our dps will sit pretty much in-line with druids and paladins when 5.4 hits.

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