Should my Pally go holy or Ret?

Which one would be "Better". Like, is a ret a better DPS compared to other DPS, or is the heals stronger than other heals. I can go either way to be honest. How awful is the DPS?

I can tell you as Ret PvP (I think you mean PvP, based on what you're wearing in your amory):

Damage with gear, wings and guardian: Amazing, you can't survive it without powerful cooldowns.
Damage with gear and wings: Damn decent, they better use a few cooldowns and run away.
Damage with gear and no cooldowns: You better stay low and use your Hands to support team mates, offheal, apply some light pressure.

Damage without gear: Awful
Ret DPS is good, although not as high as say a mage or a warlock, but still really good.

I can't say much about Holy healing, but one of our main healers is a holy pally and we seem to do okay with things.

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