@ Fire and Fury

Please kill Raden this week so Wurtles can get his cloak. :)
i'll do anything for wurt-chan.

except that, you're disgusting for thinking that.
Seriously though, glad to see Garrosh is getting some PvE love.

Your going to make me blush stahp @(^_^)@
Flipper youre on KJ too?
Yep, been here for 1 week. So far so good, high population, good economy, lots of groups to join. The only downside is farming for anything, rares or resources will sometimes frustrate me. Oh and the world pvp is freaking amazing, we had a 40man vs 40 man raid for a world boss the other day.
I really need to get buy mop so I can get to 90 and ninja loot Wurtles' cape.
We killed it Mom, Did I win?
i did it for the hoes
6 attempt kill lololololol

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