Challenge modes as Ret

Is it possible to get Gold and if so how hard is it? My server is pretty much nonexistant as far as raiding goes. My Ret is geared well and I think I'm a good enough player (played ret since vanilla and never gone back so I know the ins and outs and read all the guides.)
As hard as gold for any dps class. Ret has good aoe, offheals, and can glyph an aoe stun. Not all dps specs are really in as good of a mechanical position as ret is.

A number of fairly regular posters here have multiple or complete golds as ret.
It is more about skill and group comp then anything, rets bring a lot to the table for CM's
Good joke.

at least you tried
Rets are fine for CMs. It's more about comp than anything. I think our raid group spent 4 hours total on one of them and did not use an invisibility potion and got within 30 or so seconds of silver. I don't think we can do it without hero and the stats buff, which we didn't have with the 5 of us that tried. I had no issues myself though specifically because I was a Ret.

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