Advice from long time pallies.

Greetings righteous do-gooders,

First a little background. I've been playing since vanilla and never had any kind of serious alt, only this guy here as my main. I usually get something to that dreaded BRD dungeon grind and usually give up. However, I am determined to finally have a dedicated alt, a tanking one at that. Its down to a DK or a pally. I tried warrior, I couldn't make myself like it. Granted, some of my questions will be personal preference I guess, but if anyone can offer advice coming from a similar situation would be nice!

How is holy power? Is it clunky? Keep in mind, I'm used to good ol' energy. I read the pally guide posted here, and I'm more confused than ever. I know pally tanking is past the dreaded cast consecrate, throw avengers shield, loot days, but is it hard from a new tank to pick up? I don't want to be the pally tank standing there getting pounded on and using the wrong hands or missing a HP shield or something.

I did start a blood DK, hes sitting lonely at lvl 62 in Hellfire. Blood 'rotation' seems fairly smooth, I picked up on it pretty quickly, but damn is it boring. Is a pally rotation similarly smooth? The guide had an impressive amount of stuff that needed to be accounted for. Im not looking for faceroll necessarily, I mean, damn, I've played a feral druid since the dark ages.

I don't really know what to be on the lookout for, any other advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!

Holy power is like combo points on yourself, rather than on targets.

Paladin tanking is really pretty easy. Get HP, use it to smack things with shield.
Pally tanking is quite easy these days. Try to keep everything on CD, prioritizing your Holy Power generators first, and use Shield of the Righteous to dump Holy Power and mitigate incoming damage - or use Word of Glory if you're desperate for a heal. Use Seal of Insight, too.

Leveling this, my second Paladin, I've actually done a fair bit of tanking and practically never needed a healer. A Paladin can chain pull instances almost as well as I'd say a Monk or a DK can - and Monks are pretty damned slick at chain-pulling instances, though they are a touch squishier and more on the micro-management side. Prot has a simple, fluid "rotation" that's difficult to botch, and so many different CDs for both personal and party use that it can be daunting if you're not prepared to use more than a single bar's worth of buttons.

For instance, got a DPS busting your chops on threat? Hand of Salvation temporarily hides their threat and gives you a chance to surpass their threshold. Is the annoying DPS a Warrior or DK, a Hunter or a Rogue not MD'ing/Tricks'ing you? Hand of Protection prevents any and all physical interactions - so you can teach them a lesson, and get a chuckle in the process!
Hahaha. I am leveling a prot paladin myself and I have used HoP for that very purpose. It's a good time out for new players that don't know how to right click unwanted buffs.

To the OP: I have a blood DK and I am leveling paladin and let me say: try leveling the paladin. It is a blast to tank as prot. The rotation is simple but keeps you the right amount of busy. It even leaves a little space for the occasional stun or hand. I also feel that I am a control machine. Between avengers shield (captain America ftw), rebuke, and arcane torrent I am always interrupting something.

One piece of advice for leveling a tank would be, if you are in a group with a particularly mouthy healer or DPS that isn't satisfied with four groups at a time even though he is doing 300 DPS/not healing just flip to your combat log and ignore them. Take your time and practice your tanking.
Paladins as tanks have been in a good place ever since sunwell.

You may not ever be the best tank for any one thing, but you won't have any glaring weaknesses.

The rotation is simple, it always has been, whether it was the 969, the 939 with HP in cata or the more priority based one in MOP, if you pretty much hit shiny buttons as they light up you're probably not that far off.

Pally's have always had a nice spot in the tanking priority since WOTLK. We have the block style of warriors, good self healing with word of glory and seal of insight, an absolute boatload of cooldowns, and more cheese than a velveeta factory.

Why cheese you ask? Paladins are notorious for cheesing fights that should normally require two tanks. Oh, an impale debuff you say? That's nice, Hand of Protection with Clemency specced, what else ya got? Oh, a magic debuff you say? That's cute, divine shield with unbreakable spirit talented, anything else?

Bottom line, Over at least the last 9 tiers of raiding (Tier 6 to Tier 15) pallies have been at the worst viable, at best optimal, and normally a very good choice for tanking in any raid comp.

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