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Hello fellow Paladins!

Just a quick question or maybe suggestion on what I should do. Well I'm a "Casual" Warcraft player working a lot and playing other games, I do not spend much time farming mats, farming gold etc. Well last night in LFR I got my tier helmet but currently have one equipped. I'm conservative in game and IRL with money, and I have 18 secrets of the empire. Would it be wise to spend a few hundred gold and buy a strength meta for my tier helmet? Or should I wait till my 20 secrets, because don't you get a better META from that?

Thanks, Corey
Really, that's something only you can decide. Obviously it will be a damage loss to not use a meta gem, so the only question is whether or not the gold for a meta gem is worth the lost damage during that time, and only you can answer that question.
Well I would just wear the helmet I'm using now until I get the META, after you get the 20 secrets do you get the META or do you have to gather other materials?
You have to do a couple solo quests and then you get the meta gem. After that you start collecting Runestones for the cloak.
Believe you get the meta after 20 Secrets; then it's 12 Runestones and a Celestial Challenge for the cloak.

I'd say hold off on meta until you finish secrets; you don't need it for the four-piece bonus, so you're mostly just looking at a relatively small item level increase.

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