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Some of the dps pieces i have have crit on them. i was wondering if its worse to downgrade ilvl from 502 to 476 in order to get rid of the crit (my boots)? Also, i know im pretty much gemmed and reforged somewhat wrong.

I just wish to know if i could be getting better overall survivability by using pieces with some mitigation and not crit. anything would be helpful.
When the difference is almost 30 item levels, crit items are generally going to be clear winners. You really need to be reforging properly for that to work, though. If you're concerned about your mitigation, start reforging your gear. You're missing a lot of potential stats due to that.

Get hit and expertise capped first, and then focus everything into either haste or mastery--don't try to balance them or whatever it is you're doing with your gems and reforges being into opposite stats. And don't reforge into avoidance.
At least crit helps you crit. Dodge/parry helps you do jack all.

I would have bought the other shadopan gloves and just reforged the crit into haste.

You'll have better survivability by having more haste.
My tank set has 4 items that have crit on them because the alternatives I have are just so flipping bad (and also because i'm MS ret). The crit doesn't really do much for you but because of the ilvl upgrade and the increased number of things like gem stats, the 502 piece would indeed be better.

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